Keeping the social in social media

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Vantage Points

So here we go with: Putting the social in social media 

The clue is in the title- it’s SOCIAL media.

Whilst automation is great and we love it! It definitely has its place, it most certainly does. For example- if you have a message that needs to be sent out like: We have X service/Y product for X/Y Value from Y/X Website- this is great content that can be pushed out at specific times, but please, please utilise social media as a social tool. All too often we look at social media as a separate thing to the real world.

Imagine you are at a networking event and I come up to and say:

“Buy my product, visit my website. Buy my product, visit my website. Buy my product, visit my website.”

You are 100% walking to the other side of the room and not talking to me- don’t let your social media be like that. Of course schedule your Tweets and what not- but take the time to interact with the people around you; businesses, people, events or # hours/Facebook Groups (for example #HertsWedHour on Twitter). People buy your products and people are what you want to connect you- you are also more likely to build genuine relationships with people and that is the key to selling.


4 Great Tools for scheduling social media

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Scheduling So here we go with my 4 great tools for scheduling social media

When it comes to social media scheduling I have found that the following four tools have been the most useful for me; Buffer, Latergramme, Hootsuite and Meet Edgar. So lets meet them.

1. Buffer – Scheduling tool with a great mobile app.




The main advantage of Buffer is that it is simple- it doesn’t have the serious complex nature of other scheduling tools. You don’t have the ability to see/respond to interactions (although no Buffer has release Respond, so you actually can) and I like this about Buffer. The fact that it is used to schedule your content and nothing more!

That is not to say that it is not a powerful tool;

  • You can customise posting schedules for each day/week, giving specific times to post
  • Add content from RSS feeds
  • Schedule posts to:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Pages (that you are an admin of)
    • Facebook Groups (that you are an admin of)
    • LinkedIn Profiles
    • LinkedIn Pages
    • Pinterest
  • Take images from URL’s (so you don’t need to upload them yourself)
  • Connect your, j.amp, or use Buffers built in shortening (or no shortening).

Buffer also comes with a chrome extension that can be used to set up posts directly to the specific channels straight from your browser!

2. – Pre-load Instagram posts


Latergramme is a pre-loading app which allows you to select a time and date for an Instagram post. You can load the picture, the text and the #’s into the main body of the gram. Latergramme will then notify you when the post is due to go out. It will then open Instagram with the image and you will be able to paste the text.

You can use Latergramme to pre-load grams on both a mobile App and on a desktop- the notifications still come through to your mobile and are posted through it.

3. Hootsuite – Scheduling, tracking and replying


Hootsuite, like Buffer is used to schedule messages onto social media platforms. Unlike Buffer Hootsuite also offers you a host of added benefits, such as hashtag/keyword tracking and you can even reply from within Hootsuite.

You can schedule into the following channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+ (profiles only)
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare
  • WordPress

Some work better than others (in my opinion), however the ‘core’ platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn all work really well. Hootsuite also works as pre-loading tool for Instagram (in the same fashion as Latergramme).

Hootsuite also carries an impressive score of analytics (although this man’s opinion is that the built in analytics are good enough for most).

The only downside of Hootsuite (again my opinion) is that it tries to be too many things, whereas Buffer is designed to be a scheduling tool.

4. Meet Edgar – content reposting and scheduling of content: Twitter and Facebook




This is a new one for me, but Meet Edgar basically allows you to re-purpose existing content. So if you have a new blog post- you don’t just post about it once, you post about it multiple times. This is the power of Meet Edgar. You create a library of posts, which you categorise. For example:

  • Blog Posts
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Industry Information
  • Sales Posts

Within the schedule of Meet Edgar you then choose your day and time, then you select what type of post to be posted. For example:

  1. Monday 9am- Blog Post
  2. Monday 12pm – Sales Post
  3. Monday 5pm – Blog Post
  4. Tuesday 11am – Industry Information
  5. Wednesday 1pm – Blog Post
  6. Wednesday 7pm- Inspirational Quote

Edgar will select a post from each category selected- so in the example of Monday it will post two different library blog posts and a sales post. Edgar also cycles through the blog post category (from the libarary) and would only post the same post once ALL over blog posts type posts have been posted.

This means that you can use Edgar to constantly cycle through a massive library of pre-made posts for Facebook and Twitter.



3 Graphic Design apps you can use on your phone

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my top 3 design apps

So here we go with 3 Apps that you can use, until you need a ‘proper’ graphic designer.

This is a list of APPS only (so won’t include some quality web based apps like Canva) and is no way definitive- they are the ones that I use/have used.

1) Pic Frame- Available on both the App Store and Google Play

Picframe allows you to collate photos into specific frames (see below). You can use existing photos or take images and then add them into galleries- incredibly useful if you are trying to create a collage for social media or even for a presentation/booklet.

2) Phonto- Available on both the App Store and Google Play

Phonto is a great app for overlaying text on images- these can be plain images, or as below it can be an existing (or edited) image. Super useful for creating flyers/graphics for social media with additional information- for example offers/sales


3) Photoshop Express- Available on both the App Store and Google Play

Photoshop Express is a pretty simple photo editing tool that allows you to change and effect a photo greatly before you utilise it in another medium. Below are some random acts of photo violence, including a dreamy picture of Arthur the Pup (hehe)- just to give you and idea of the simple power of Photoshop Express.

Example: You could take an existing photo, change the colouring, sharpen it, flip it or negative it, then add it into Picframe and use Photo to add some text to it before using on social media.


All of these Apps are COMPLETELY FREE, there are ad free versions, of course, but you can do perfectly well on the free versions.

Make sure you sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date with not only useful tips, but also apps to use and other wonderful, free, advice.


Welcome to HeyBurt

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Hey, thanks for stopping by.

Please take your time going through the website. There is a great downloadable Audit sheet you can use to see where you are socially at the moment.

What I would suggest are the following:

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I’d like to work with you, or just give you a guiding hand. If you have any immediate/pressing needs then please, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks again for stopping by.