Messaging Bots

Increase Customer Service levels

Find out what your customers want

Create new ‘mailing’ lists to keep in touch

What is a messaging bot?

An automated responder that can let your potential clients know where you, colleciting information from them and even more!

Make your customers feel loved

No generic 1 line responses, but a fully immersive experience that can change based on their choices


Use your bot to take your customers through a journey, add value to their experience and learn more about them!

Connected to your FB Page

Get all responses directly into your Facebook page inbox, so you'll never miss another customer enquiry again!


Send messages to anyone who visits you and engages with your bot, based off the options they chose during their interaction - imagine an email list...but better


Take bookings directly through the messaging system, including times, days, locations - all without having to stop your day!

Automate generic problem solving

Are your customers always asking you the same questions? Not a problem, we can create a bot that will take they through the simple steps to help solve their issues and you time!

Want to give a bot a go?

Try the BurtBot example below

A simple bot designed specifically for you to test and see how it can work!

How does this work?

Our talented teams do their best to offer our clients various approaches to achieve business success as soon as possible!

01.Identify the need

On this stage we communicate with the client to know more about his company and define the goals.

02.Build a strategy

Our creative team works on the project, offering its several variants. We make visual presentation and go on working.

03.Implement the plan

The final step is to present our project to a client. We show our vision of his request and perform what we’ve done.

What happens every 60 seconds in the world of social media?

1 m
1 k+
POSTS TO Instagram
1 k+
TWEETS are posted
1 m+
MESSAGES sent on whatsapp + FB









Our goal
is clients’ success and future growth

We are totally client-oriented company. Thanks to our clients we can implement our ideas to life!.

Collectively, our team of corporate event planning experts has over 150+ years of experience in the events industry. Our multi-faceted team of professionals utilizes our unique strength as an event production company by designing concepts which transform your vision into astonishing reality. We are happy to work for you!

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