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What can we help you with the most?

Let us take the hassle and stress of running your social media channels. We’ll handle everything from posting, responding to customers, growing the platforms and connecting you to your target audience


Not sure what you need, but you know you need something? We can help you run through a social media audit to see what shape your business is in socially.


You’ve got the skills to run your social, but you’re not sure what to do and when? We can make a short/long term social media strategy which you can then execute.


Looking to get a leg up or just looking to understand the difference between a Tweet, ReGram, Post, Snap or Pin. We can run workshops for; individuals, businesses or groups with a variety of payment options including collaborative funding.

What is HeyBurt

HeyBurt is the potential answer to your social woes...
Straight down the line social media advice

Is Social Media getting you down? Are you stressed out trying to figure out which platform you should be on, or even how to start? Don’t worry, I can help you.

I can teach you how to Tweet/Gram, or completely take over your social media channels so you can concentrate on what you do best -your business!

I want to work with engaged, open-minded people who are looking to help move their business forward through social media management or to add social media to their company’s existing marketing strategy. Social media is something to be enjoyed and utilised- it shouldn’t be a headache or source of concern for you and that is where the true value lies- taking the stress of social media away from you and getting results that help the business!

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  • Internet pentration in the UK
  • Active social media users worlwide

Our Team

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Chris Pike
Chris Pike
Chris, our illustrious leader has years experience in the Sales and Marketing world in a variety of industries. Having discovered social media as an early adopter Chris used combined his ability to see along with his knowledge of social media platforms for practical, real, no BS advice and management of clients platforms.
Lucy Harding
Lucy Harding
Lucy has recently joined the team as our apprentice. Working hard on delivering the best work to our clients possible. Lucy’s creative touch and passion for digital marketing make her fit right into the HeyBurt team!

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