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Remember we were talking a lot about thinking outside of the box. I want to continue that thread now. Remember there are more people using Facebook Messenger on a monthly basis than are using Facebook! Impressive stats – try to think about how you can connect to your customers better and how to STAY connected to them – try to think like you think – would YOU click the newsletter link that you sent out? If no, then why send it!

That being said here’s a link to two ‘new’ things.

  1. Mailchimp – monthly newsletter – It goes out monthly and contains an actionable tip you can use in your social media journey:
  2. HeyBurt Weekly Broadcast – a Broadcast by me, every week, with a tip, some news and a little extra on the side (sometimes) – all through Facebook messenger:


Below is a link to the presentation and a spreadsheet with an example calendar in it – feel free to take a copy.



If you were intrigued by the Analytics section please click below:



If you were intrigued by the Facebook Pixel please click below:



Not sure about any of it? I’ll be at the Meet the Experts area, or just click the icon below and we can chat on Facebook Messenger!