3 Graphic Design apps you can use on your phone

my top 3 design apps

So here we go with 3 Apps that you can use, until you need a ‘proper’ graphic designer.

This is a list of APPS only (so won’t include some quality web based apps like Canva) and is no way definitive- they are the ones that I use/have used.

1) Pic Frame- Available on both the App Store and Google Play

Picframe allows you to collate photos into specific frames (see below). You can use existing photos or take images and then add them into galleries- incredibly useful if you are trying to create a collage for social media or even for a presentation/booklet.

2) Phonto- Available on both the App Store and Google Play

Phonto is a great app for overlaying text on images- these can be plain images, or as below it can be an existing (or edited) image. Super useful for creating flyers/graphics for social media with additional information- for example offers/sales


3) Photoshop Express- Available on both the App Store and Google Play

Photoshop Express is a pretty simple photo editing tool that allows you to change and effect a photo greatly before you utilise it in another medium. Below are some random acts of photo violence, including a dreamy picture of Arthur the Pup (hehe)- just to give you and idea of the simple power of Photoshop Express.

Example: You could take an existing photo, change the colouring, sharpen it, flip it or negative it, then add it into Picframe and use Photo to add some text to it before using on social media.


All of these Apps are COMPLETELY FREE, there are ad free versions, of course, but you can do perfectly well on the free versions.

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