How to create a Facebook Pixel

How to create a Facebook Pixel

So we’ve identified that we need to track and re-market to people who come to our website. It is a fundamental of any  sales funnel process that we; re-target lost sales and get referral. So no it’s time to get down to it. Here’s how to create a Facebook Pixel;

Make sure you save it

Omgoodness – make sure you save your pixel to your notes software (Evernote … Google Keep etc). Invariably you’ll lose it, forget it or have to search around for it, which is less than ideal!

Did you get stuck or did something not make any sense?

Not a problem at all;

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Now we’re going to need to install this

The installation process is almost as easy as the creation process. Let’s head over to our installation video and we’ll get you tracking your website visitors in no time!

How to Install a Facebook Pixel





Want to find out Why Facebook Pixels are Important to your business of course you do 🙂

Why Facebook pixels are important to your business







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