One of the biggest challenges facing modern business owners is the absolute wealth of platforms to reach your customers.

Do you stay ‘old school’ and deliver leaflets, go to expos and shows, use the local papers and magazines, or do you invest your time and money into Social Media – if you do, which one of the 100’s of viable options to you choose? Then once you’ve chosen them…how the heck do you maintain them?

The struggle is actually real and I 100% feel for you, that’s where we come in. By choosing one of the options below you’ll be able to relax a little more in the knowledge that your social media platforms are producing content that reaches your audience at the right time, in the right way…

What does it cost?

What plan is the best one for your business? From just £5 per day you can find something to match your budget!

01.just posting

£150pm, per platform/£5 per day!

  • Posting Strategy created and implemented
  • Posts published when your audience are most active online
  • Posts unique to your business
  • Fresh, relevant, engaging social media posts

02.full management

£300pm, per platform/£10 per day

  • All from Just Posting
  • Platform growth
  • Connecting to relevant industry publications, businesses and people
  • Statistics and analytics from your platform
  • Customer service management (we’ll make sure customers get answers to their questions)
  • Creating communities
  • You basically don’t need to worry about your social media

03.advertising management

£300 per month/£10 per day!

  • Facebook pixel installation
  • Advertising strategy created
  • Creation of audiences
  • Creation of adverts
  • Management of the adverts throughout their lifespan
  • Remarketing
  • Building audiences based of results (custom audiences, lookalike audiences)









Our goal
is clients’ success and future growth

We are totally client-oriented company. Thanks to our clients we can implement our ideas to life!.

Collectively, our team of corporate event planning experts has over 150+ years of experience in the events industry. Our multi-faceted team of professionals utilizes our unique strength as an event production company by designing concepts which transform your vision into astonishing reality. We are happy to work for you!

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