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Social Media Management is easily one of the most frustrating marketing channels out there. On the surface it is simple- it’s just that Twitter thing, but try getting your thoughts, emotions, aspirations and business goals into 140 characters or producing content, multiple times a day AND on a daily basis to make sure that the people who are viewing your channels are getting the right content and all of a sudden Social Media Management becomes a stressful weight around your small business neck.

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HeyBurt – Social media management, that works for you

Well that is where I come in. Social Media Management is not easy, the same as what YOU do is not easy (for other people at least). Over the course of a few months I will take control of your social media channels (you will still be able to access them). All without having to sign into a 12 month contract.

What are the kind of services you can offer?

  • Understand your business and what you want to achieve from social media!
  • Activate and audit your analytics (possibly the most important thing you’ll do)
  • Create and install Facebook Pixels and start generating your new advertising audiences.
  • Setup the advertising avenues (for use in the future)
  • Create reports that you can have on a monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc basis. That will cover;
    • Posts
    • Engagement
    • Reach
    • Sales
  • Manage and maintain all the social channels including all the posting, replying, retweeting, favouriting, liking and well…everything else.
  • Work with you to produce industry specific content
  • Connect you to relevant people

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking we charge £300 per platform, per month, however…Prices vary and if I’m honest, without looking at your business, the industry it is in, the competition and what you want to achieve I don’t think I’d like to say how much it would be!

What do I do next?

Let’s get talking and maybe you’ll decide this is something you can do yourself and we would be more than happy to help you with that!

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