Why Facebook Pixels are Important to your business

Why Facebook Pixels are Important to your business

Facebook pixels are one of the few things that I insist on you having (alongside Google Analytics). Even if you don’t use them for a while, it is best to get them in place sooner rather than later. So…Why Facebook Pixels are Important…We’ll go over a few of those reasons now.

It gives you the ability to re-market to your customers

Ever wonder how they do it? How does Charles Tyrwhitt get that advert to appear on Facebook, how did they know I was looking for a new shirt? Put simply they used a pixel, hence Why Facebook Pixels are important to your business! It gives you the ability to find all the people who came to your site but didn’t do one of your key functions from your funnel;

  • Buy your product or service
  • Add there details to the lead capture form

Or even find the people who were almost there; someone who clicked the join now button, but didn’t complete the action.

Why is that important? Well, we want to be able to reach these people and ask them why? Why didn’t you sign up, what put you off or even – Is there something else we can do to make you Know Like and Trust us more and get you to buy!

Don’t believe me – watch this video below it’s 100% real.

You can create Look-A-Like Audiences

What’s one of those? Imagine I came to your site and I purchased your item/service or completed your lead generation form. You might like to find other people who are like me right? Well that is what a look-a-like audience is. Facebook will find all the people who land on your thank you page and create a new list based on their profile!

You can track specific events and sales

Facebook pixels come with 9 standard event additions to their code:

  • View Content – Track KEY page views, so this might be a specific page that means the customer is interested in your (Service A) or (Product B)
  • Search  – Track searches on your website.
  • Add to cart – Track when items are added to a shopping cart
  • Add to wishlist –  Track when items are added to a wishlist
  • Initiate Checkout – Track when people enter the checkout flow
  • Add Payment information – Track when payment information is added in the checkout flow
  • Make purchase  Track purchases or checkout flow completions –
  • Lead – Track when someone expresses interest in your offering
  • Complete Registration – Track when a registration form is completed

In conclusion

Hopefully, we’ve given you some reasons why Facebook Pixels are important. The next step is to find out How to create your Facebook Pixel

How to create a Facebook Pixel





Already created your pixel? Find out How to install your Facebook pixel

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