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First thing is first, below is a link to the slides that I used at DeskLodge. Please feel free to keep a copy!

SLIDES: [download id=”427″]


Auditing your social media

I mentioned about auditing your social media- it is very important to go through this process. Every client I have, without fail, has missing information somewhere. It is a relatively easy thing to do and will A) give you piece of mind and B) make sure you’re ready to go!

AUDIT TOOL: [download id=”313″]


Social Media Planning

It is always important to plan, especially with social media- trust me I’ve been there trying to create content on the fly, it’s hard, it’s stressful and ultimately a waste of your time. With the below tool you’ll not only be able to plan monthly and weekly social media, but there is also a tool in there to let you know if you pre-planned activity fits inside the platform (as in character limit/hashtag limit)

SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING TOOL [download id=”305″]


Facebook insights and that confusing data.

So you’ve finally FOUND your Facebook insghts, then you download that spreadsheet and you’re like WTF is this BS! Ok, maybe you have more decorum than me…you get the idea…

Would you like to download the Facebook Reporting Made Easy spreadsheet so you can cut your Facebook reporting time down to almost ZERO?

Simply complete the form below and a link will appear under the form! Can’t decide? Then take a look at the video below and it’ll show you what the Spreadsheet does!


[email-download download_id=”296″ contact_form_id=”300″]

How to use the tool.