Keeping the social in social media

Vantage Points

So here we go with: Putting the social in social media 

The clue is in the title- it’s SOCIAL media.

Whilst automation is great and we love it! It definitely has its place, it most certainly does. For example- if you have a message that needs to be sent out like: We have X service/Y product for X/Y Value from Y/X Website- this is great content that can be pushed out at specific times, but please, please utilise social media as a social tool. All too often we look at social media as a separate thing to the real world.

Imagine you are at a networking event and I come up to and say:

“Buy my product, visit my website. Buy my product, visit my website. Buy my product, visit my website.”

You are 100% walking to the other side of the room and not talking to me- don’t let your social media be like that. Of course schedule your Tweets and what not- but take the time to interact with the people around you; businesses, people, events or # hours/Facebook Groups (for example #HertsWedHour on Twitter). People buy your products and people are what you want to connect you- you are also more likely to build genuine relationships with people and that is the key to selling.

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